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Dill Leaves (Soya Leaves)

Dill Leaves (Soya Leaves) is an annual herb in the celery family. Widely grown in Eurasia, Its leaves and seeds are used as a herb or spices for flavouring food.

More About Dill Leaves

Dill plant is approximately 90 cm in height and has dark green leaves.  dill soya leaves usages have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs, dating around 1400Bc. In Ayurveda, the Soya Dill leaves, seeds and roots are used for medicinal purposes. It is aromatic and used in soup, pickles, toppings, seasoning curry or potatoes. In India, it is used all over and best enjoyed as Soya Sabzi to add flavour to Keema and Curry. Traditionally, due to its antiflatulent properties, also taken as the after-meal digestive source.

Nutritional Facts

100gram of Dill Soya leaves contains:

  • Protein: 3.5g
  • Water: 85.9g
  • Calories: 43
  •  Carbohydrates: 7g

They are also rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Iron and Calcium.

Health Benefits of Dill Leaves

  • Soya leaf is a beneficial herb for stimulating digestive fire and aiding digestion.
  •  It is good for stimulating the uterine system and reduces chronic pain of the uterus.
  •  It is also helpful in improving the bad breadth and is used as a mouth freshener.
  •  Soya Dill leaves are known good for heart health as low in cholesterol.
  • It helps in regulating the menstrual cycle.


Fresh dill vegetable can be wrapped in a damp paper towel and stored in the fridge for up to 3 days.

Other Information

Country of Origin: India

Sourced and marketed by: Pureroot

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Dill Leaves (Soya Leaves)
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