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Gurbandi Almonds (Badam)

Our Nani maa gives us Gurbandi badam, you know why, because it prevents the common cold, boosts immunity and contains all the essential micronutrients and antioxidants, required by the body. The uniqueness about Gurbandi almonds is that, if taken unsoaked, makes the body warm and if taken soaked, then the same almond relaxes and cools our body and mind. These are grown in the subtropical to the temperate region and it is said to be native to Iran or Central Asian countries. It contains healthy fats, fibre, proteins, magnesium and vitamin E which is highly important for glowing skin and healthy eyes.

Health Benefits of Gurbandi Badam

  • Gurbandi almonds are highly important to reduce blood sugar levels.
  • Regular consumption of almonds reduces blood pressure and lowers down the cholesterol level.
  • Gurbandi giri also reduces hunger and aid weight loss.
  • Various dieticians recommend 6-8 soaked almonds daily for a healthy mind and body.

India & Gurbandi Almonds

India is famous for Gurbandi Badam or 'Choti giri' almond which tastes bitter, small in size but packed with essential nutrients and contains more natural oil than the California variety. 

Other Information

Country of Origin: India

Sourced and marketed by: Pureroot


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Gurbandi Almonds (Badam)
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